DIY: Distressed Jeans 

DIY: Distressed Jeans 

The distressed denim look is back and its hotter then ever. So grab a pair of old jeans and lets get distressing.

What you’ll need:

  • Jeans
  • Craft knife (available from $2 shop)
  • Chalk
  • Magazine

Step 1: Put the jeans on and roughly mark with the chalk where you want to distress.

Step 2: Take the jeans off and insert a magazine into the leg, this will prevent the craft knife from slicing through to the next layer. place it under the cutting area.

Step 3: Lay the jeans flat, use the craft knife and start cutting a horizontal line in the area you marked. I decided to just do one cut by the knee but you can defiantly do more if you choose.

Step 4: Take the magazine out and do the other leg, try to line the cut with the other side.

Step 5: Once your happy with all the cuts pop them on and see how they look, adjust if it needs a bit more distressing.

The more you wear and wash them they’ll get more distressed.

These steps will also work with Leggings.