Perfect Crepes Every Time.

Perfect Crepes Every Time.

If I get time on the weekends I love making crepes for my family. My kids like them rolled up with berry jam and I enjoy them with frozen berry’s, Greek yoghurt and maple syrup.

However you like them, give this recipe a try, trust me they are delicious and turn out perfect every time.



3 eggs

1 1/3 cup milk

1 cup flour

1/4 tsp salt

3 tbls melted butter, cooled

1 tbls vanilla

1 tbls sugar

Icing sugar for sprinkling (optional)

Melt the 3 tbls of butter in the pan your going to cook the crepes in. Once melted take it off the heat and let the butter cool in the pan while you prepare the batter.

In a large mixing bowl combine the eggs, milk, flour, salt and the slightly cooled melted butter. Add the sugar and vanilla, then mix well with a whisk.

Re-heat the non-stick pan to medium heat. The pan will already be greased from the melted butter so no need to grease. You can usually make three or four crepes before needing to re-butter.

Use a ladle to scoop out the crepe batter, pour into the pan and tilt pan so the batter covers the base in a thin layer. Cook until the edges start to lightly brown, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Flip over and cook for a few more seconds until done.

Keep them covered with tinfoil to keep them warm until they’re ready to serve.


Tip: To make savory crepes leave out the sugar and vanilla.