USA Trip

USA Trip

I’m back from my Awesome trip travelling around America, with my Nanny Family and Partner. We had such a Fabulous time, the weather was great, we ate way to much and visited the most Amazing places, It was great.
Check out some of my pictures below of what we got up to.
On the Ferry to Liberty Island.

Empire State Building.
 Time Square

We stayed at Hotel Carter which was right in Time Square.

Magnolia Bakery, their Red Velvet Cheesecake is to die for.

Time Square.

M&M’s World.
At the top of Empire State Building.
Crumbs Bake Shop.

We Chose Red Velvet and Oreo Cupcakes.
Delish Meal at Apple bees

Shanley and I at Time Square.

A funny street drawing of us both.
Chipotle, Soho.

Universal Studios.
My Lovely Nanny Family, at Disneyland.
Fireworks at Disneyland. 
Disney Adventure-land, California.
Yummy! Corn Dogs.

Rainforest Cafe Downtown Disney.
Blueberry Pancakes and Hot Chocolate at IHOP.

We drove from LA to Las Vegas. Which I have always wanted to do.
Route 66.

Las Vegas Strip.

Cupcakes at sugarfactory Las Vegas.
The Grand Canyon.
Laguna Beach California.
We had some great swims at this beach until we saw two baby sharks.

My partner Shanley enjoying a Turkey Leg at Sea world San diego.
Shamu Rocks, Sea World San Diego.

I want to say a big Thank You to Anna over at cookie madness for all her great tips about New York and also to my wonderful Nanny Family for an Amazing trip. xxx

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